Thursday, 14 December 2017

Integrating With Self Care

Self care is so important. When we are working hard to integrate our spiritual experiences, or we are going through an energetic/vibrational shift, it's easy to forget all the tools we have in our toolbox. 

I spent an hour today making a list of all the tools I have learned and things I love to do that give me energy and nourish me. The list was long, over 100 things. My goal is to do as many of these nourishing things each day 
Day 1 of self care: I journaled, meditated, practiced yoga, played my guitar & sang, had a shamanic drumming session, earthed myself in the grass and watched the sky for the meteor showers, made all my own meals, ate nutritious yet delicious vegan foods, connected deeply with a friend, I read a chapter of a yummy spiritual book, I lit candles and incense, smudged myself, had a great cup of loose leaf herbal tea, played with and cuddled a cute kitty cat, organized and cleaned my space, listened to a podcast which expanded my knowledge, watered my plants and talked to them a little, listened to some beautiful pieces of music, had an amazing existential discussion, created some art, wrote my morning pages, practiced some intense pranayamas, gave myself a huge hug, focused on my integration practice and helped a few lovely souls with their integration journey as well. 

I feel deeply connected, full of vitality, a sense of fulfillment and deep inner peace. 

What's on your list? What did you do to make yourself feel loved and nourished today?

 Patricia Morrison ~ Spiritual & Psychedelic Integration Therapist ~

Art work by: Cloudy Thurstag

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