"Patricia is an extremely compassionate and intuitive healer. She had helped me through one of the most challenging spiritual journeys of my life and for whomever is searching for some guidance, support, understanding and spiritual encouragement, Patricia is the one you should connect with! Two thumbs up, five stars and a standing ovation for the gifted healer she is!" 
Nadia - British Columbia 

"At first, I thought I could make sense of it all on my own...but I quickly discovered my plate was too full and I was overwhelmed. I needed guidance on how to process, and how to move forward. Patricia was very kind and professional. She took the time to read my experience and meditate on it before beginning our session. She explained, and pointed out things that were so clear and easy to understand, but I was over complicating them. I was given much needed emotional support and explanation. She also gave resources to help in moving forward. I highly recommend her services. You will feel her spirit resonate with yours, see the other perspective, and gain the tools necessary for your growth and discovery. This is all so very important for my journey, and I’m so happy I took the time to use her service."
Nichole - Quebec

"I needed to talk to this wonderful lady to help me make sense of a journey that showed me some pretty scary stuff. She let me know it was a common experience that others have had in regards to my experience.
She allowed me to talk and held space for me to talk about my experience ...
And through that session I learned that this was still a positive experience.
Although this was the start of my healing process after my OBE ( outter body experience) ... integration has many layers of healing to come after a journey.
I would highly recommend connecting with this lady so u can talk and process ur experience after a journey. It helped me and I know I am not alone now."
Apsara - Alberta