Microdosing & The Artist's Way Course – 

Recover Your Creativity and Step into a Juicy Life. 

💚  Do you feel stuck in life? 

💚  Is your creativity waning?

💚 Are you feeling disconnected from yourself and others?

💚 Are you feeling creatively/spiritually constipated?

💚 Do you want to refresh your creative mind/spirit?

💚 Are you ready to restore your flow state?



Microdosing & The Artists Way Course: In this eight week course, we will create a safe, supportive and sacred container to uplift, inspire and transform you. This course is for all artists, writers, creative types, psychonauts or anyone who feels blocked/stuck/disconnected in life. We will systematically go through the book The Artists Way, week by week and share our findings with each other. There will be other exercises outside of the book too things like, plant medicine meditations, timed writing exercises, guided writing meditations, and plenty of other juicy exercises to support and nurture you. 


We will create an empowered community while working through blockages. Doing this work alone is very difficult to stick with it so it's better with a group of people. Although it can be done alone, there is something to be said about having accountability partners. Having a community of people who can lift you up when you don't feel like doing the work, keep you steady and on course can be unimaginably helpful! 



The Artist’s Way is a beautiful book written by Julia Cameron that helps unblock your creative side while nurturing and reconnecting your spiritual side.


Microdosing is taking a psychedelic or plant medicine in very small quantities (1/10th -1/20th of the average dose) which is ALMOST subperceptual. Depending on which plant medicine/entheogen is used, it can ease anxiety (especially social anxiety), depression, addiction, mood disorders and migraines.  Microdosing with plant medicines/entheogens is a unique way to increasing feelings of well-being by creating more flow states, focus, self-confidence, productivity, creativity and much more. 


Microdosing is OPTIONAL. You do not have to microdose to take this course, you will get plenty of juiciness with or without the plant medicines. 


This course takes place every Sunday evening 4pm - 6pm PST (7pm - 9:00pm EST)  Starting July 11 - August 29, 2021 (8 weeks) and will be Online through zoom


Investment: I am offering this Beta version of the course in two financial tiers so you can decide what you are comfortable affording. 

Tier 1 $120 for the entire 8 week course * This is for those of you who are having financially difficult times.

Tier 2 $189 for the entire 8 week course * This is the suggested amount for the course for those of you who are able to financially swing it.


* I have tried to make this affordable for all but If financial costs are prohibiting you to taking this course, let me know and we can work something out. 



*Cost of the book “The Artist’s Way” is not included. You can purchase the book at your local bookstore or on Amazon for about $20. You’ll need the physical book for this course not the kindle version.

*Workshop is limited to 12 people so we all have time to share and so that I can dedicate my time to your needs. 


Facilitator: Patricia Morrison is a jack of all trades: Writer, Comedian, Tarot Reader, Yoga Instructor and Psychedelic Integration Therapist. Having completed  The Artist's Way three times (in 2008, 2015 and again in 2019) there are still deeper places to go with this.


Week 1: Recovering a Sense of Safety 

Week 2: Recovering a Sense of Identity

Week 3: Recovering a Sense of Power

Week 4: Recovering a Sense of Integrity

Week 5: Recovering a Sense of Possibility

Week 6: Recovering a Sense of Abundance

Week 7: Recovering a Sense of Connection

Week 8: Recovering a Sense of Strength


Note: you are responsible for procuring your own plant medicines. 


Plant medicines and other Entheogens you can microdose during this time


Psychoactive Plants and Entheogens and their properties:

Mushrooms (Creativity, Focus, Clarity, Depression)

Ayahuasca (Creativity, Grounding, Vivid Dreams)

San Pedro (Huachuma)/Peruvian Torch/Peyote (Heart Opening, Self-love, Connection, Vivid Dreams)

DMT (Vivid Visions, Connection, Heart Opening, Creativity)

LSD (Focus, Creativity, Connection, Flow State)

Cannabis (Sleep, Anxiety (for some people), Creativity, Depression, Relaxation)


Not so Psychoactive Plants:

Lavender (Anxiety, Sleep, Relaxation, Stress Relief)

Rose (Self-love, Universal Love, Forgiveness, Protection, Anxiety, Mood Enhancer)

Cacao (Stimulant, Heart Activator, Connection to Self and Others)

Mugwort (Lucid Dreaming, Sleep, Connection to Psychic Abilities, Visions)

Blue Lotus (Lucid Dreaming, Intense Dreams, Sedative, Relaxation)

Passionflower (Anxiety, Insomnia, Relaxation, Mood Enhancer)

Ginseng (Memory, Immune System Boost, Increased Energy Levels )

Nettle (Blood and Skin Cleanser, Inflammation Reducer, Joint Support)

Kava (Anxiety, Relaxation, Pain Relief, Sleep)

Dandelion (Antioxidants, Inflammation Reducer, Liver Detox, Cleanse, Weight Loss)

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